Paceman Bowling Machine


Paceman Bowling Machine

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Your own bowling machine to use in your back garden or on your drive!!!! Cricket coaching and practice made easy by Paceman!

Designed by professional cricketers in conjunction with Paceman. More accurate, efficient and durable than an ordinary Paceman machine.


The ultra-great value Paceman Bowling Machine brings quality, accurate, reliable batting practice for all standards of Cricketer at an affordable price. It is comfortably the most affordable bowling machine on the cricket market.

Features include: – Easy to assemble bowling machine, put away & store – Variable bowling machine speeds up to 90kph (56mph) from 22 yards but for every yard it is moved closer to the batsman the pace becomes approximately 3mph faster. We have had the machine clocked at 80mph from 14 yards. – Able to produce inswing & outswing deliveries – Fully adjustable for full pitch & short pitch deliveries – includes automatic 12 ball feeder attached to the cricket bowling machine.

Important note …The bowling machine is to be used with Paceman Light Balls or FEED BUDDY LIGHT BALLS for safety & performance only – Requires Mains Power supply – Color of Bowling Machines may vary – Adult supervision required / recommended when operating the Paceman Bowling Machine.

From a cricket coaching angle this product is perfect for junior cricketers to improve their game in the comfort of their own back garden. Various coaching drills can be used on this bowling machine to improve both front and back foot techniques.

Please note that bowling machines are not available for free delivery – a small charge will be applied in the checkout.

Paceman Bowling Machine (Official Video)