New Balance DC 680 Batting Pads


New Balance DC 680 Batting Pads

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  • Imported high grade PU facing
  • 7 bar modern construction, 3 peaked cane, 4 flat cane with Crosslink foam padding
  • Vertical bolster made of Litlon, soft foam and mesh
  • Knee bolster constructed using plastic sheet knee protector with Litlon, mesh and soft foam
  • Cash Millon padded instep with PU covering
  • Wide nylon straps

PRIMARY PROTECTION – Flat Cane with HDF: Flat cane strips backed up by High Density Foam have been stitched into this pad allowing for; great protection, a good wrapping fit & weight reduction.

EXTERNAL KNEE – Three-Piece Pin Tuck: The standard knee design creates a rounded fit with three rolls across the pad. These quality pads also have ‘pin tucks’ across the knee to secure the internal padding whilst creating a more stylish look.

INTERNAL BOLSTERS – Three-Piece: Found in the majority of batting pads each of the three pieces surround the shin to help lock it in place during play.

INTERNAL KNEE BOLSTER – Three-Piece Stitched: Sectioned to wrap around the knee with a small stitch at the very Centre which creates an indent to secure the knee.

BOLSTER LINING – PU & Mesh: Soft polyurethane synthetic leather Centre strip surrounded by mesh is excellent for wicking moisture while still remaining very comfortable.

STRAPS – Wide: Middle and ankle straps disperse pressure and secure the pad during play.

SIDE WING – Wide: Foam wraps around the calf giving good protection square of the bowler.

INSTEP – PU: Soft polyurethane synthetic leather provides a premium feel.

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