Kookaburra Pace Pro 7.0


Kookaburra Pace Pro 7.0

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Introducing EMPOWER, the newest range in the Kookaburra Cricket family. A sleek stick with a thinner-than-standard handle and a mid to high profile; the EMPOWER is designed especially for batters wanting a lighter weight bat with feather-light pick up.


SWEET SPOT POSITION – Mid to High: A hybrid setup that allows some slight favorability towards players who like to hit square of the wicket but still want the benefits of a mid-sweet spot. A slightly higher sweet spot brings the bulk of the willow towards the hands allowing for players to consider going for an extra ounce of bat weight. Smash a front foot pull-shot with one of these to strike fear in the opposition.

PREPARATION – Pre-Prepared: This cricket bat has been both pressed and had extra tec applied at its factory of origin. However, it still needs to go through the full hand knocking-in process. While this cricket bat sadly isn’t ready for use against leather balls just yet, the preparation process is well on its way and can be completed easily.

BOW – Standard: The regular bow found in the majority of modern cricket bats which gets your hands slightly ahead of the ball for ease of stroke play. It also helps the cricket bat feel more aggressive.

EDGES – Normal: Even normal edges are larger than the biggest edges of the 2000’s. Normal edges are often the calling card of a lightweight bat or a premium bat with a full profile and high spine peak.

SPINE HEIGHT – Medium: Often combined with big edges to create a forgiving bat with an extra wide hitting zone which still rewards striking the blade out of the very middle.

PROFILE SHAPE – Slightly Scalloped: A small amount of scalloping is seen in a very large amount of cricket bats. The goal is to save weight while still making the sweet spot as wide as possible. Even very high quality bats can contain a small amount of scalloping in order to reduce their weight.

FACE – FACE Flat: A modern flat face helps widen the sweet spot slightly & increases the size of the edges. This style allows a ‘point and shoot’ approach to stroke play giving the batsman confidence what the ball will go where they’re aiming. Please be aware that extra attention will need to be paid to the edges during the knocking-in process.

HANDLE TYPE – Semi-Oval: A happy medium that brings the benefits of both oval & round handles. This shape aids alignment slightly weakens the bottom hand for more controlled stroke play and still allows for creative use of the bottom hand.

TOE – Toe Guard: This bat has been fitted with a toe guard.

Made with a mid-high profile, the Pace Pro 7.0 Junior bat is made specifically for those who Favour a lighter bat and thinner handle.

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